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  • 1. Why should I register?

  • This is the first stage of relationship between you and us.

    We provide services free jobs posting resume search,

    and inclusion of your company profile page in our directory.

    2. How much does it cost?

    Nothing, its free of charge service, and you will be able to enjoy our

    free services.

    3. How long does it take for my new account to be activated?

    Your account will be completely operational, so please fill on line

    registration form.

    4. I have registered my company details, but they are not listed in

    your employer directory, why?

    The employer directory is updated every 2-5 days.Your company

    details will not appear until this happens.

  • I want to be registered, but I don’t want my company details

  • listed in your directory, is this possible?
  • Yes.


1. Any child going to The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia below 15 years and above 12 Years must have to present the valid (vaccinated 4 weeks before departure) Polio Vaccination card along with visa application.

2. Any person involved in Smuggling of Drugs will be hanged to death according to strict Laws of Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

3. In case of any flaw found in documents submitted for attestation, The Royal Embassy is authorised not to return the fake/bogus certificates.

4. Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabi will only accept Machine Readable Passports for visa with immediate effect from 01-08-2006.

5. Name spelling in Visa slip must be according to Passport name.

6. Photocopies of all documents should be neat, clear & visible.

7. E-ticket should be stamped from the concerned air line.

8. Copy of Marriage certificate & Form_B needs attestation from Foreign office.